Chinese Opera Event!

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It’s an art lecture about facial art of Chinese Opera in Taiwan. If you will stay few days in Taiwan in May. You can join this event to let a real opera actors to introduce a meaning of Chinese facial art.

* Come To Discover The Ancient Chinese Art of Facial Opera Makeup Drawing.

The participants will be able to experiences a personal drawing of a facial patern makeup session.

* You Will Also Learn About The Basic Chinese Operas Skills With Real Actors.

We will see the main Beijing Chinese opera characters an introduce the meaning of their facial drawing.

* Enjoy language and Culture Exchange In A Casual Ambience.

Hangout with other guests from different countries.


Single price: $ TWD 1800 / Person (around 60 USD)

TourGether SPECIAL PRICE: $TWD 1800 for 2 people (only 900 each!)

(All you have to do is sign up for a free TourGether account to get the special price. TourGether is a free online service that helps solo travelers and backpackers meet up and share their travel experiences. It only takes one minute to register!)

All participants will have the choice to wear full Chinese opera makeup, which will be applied by professional actors, or to draw your facial patterns on a white mask. Sign up now for the photo and learning experience of a lifetime! And don’t forget your camera! 

The price includes a drink, dessert, gift, opera clothing rental fees, and makeup service or mask. The information will be provided in English, but if you want to practice your Chinese with us, we encourage you to do so!

Chinese Opera Event Payment
Write down your and partner TourGether’s name

Event Programe

Date: 25/May/2014 (Sun), 2pm. ~ 5 pm.


| Opening
| Introduction of 5 opera character Facial make ups
| Choose the costumes
| Opera Facial make up Drawing
| Show time /Photo shooting

BackGround of Chinese Opera

Chinese opera is a popular form of drama and musical theatre in Chinese culture with roots going back as far as the third century CE. There are numerous regional branches of Chinese opera, of which the Beijing opera (Jingju) is one of the most notable. This time TourGether collaborates with “Contemporary Legend Theater” to arrange a Chinese opera event.
We will see the main Beijing Chinese opera characters an introduce the meaning of their facial drawing. The participants will be able to experiences a personal drawing of a facial paten makes up session.



How to cancel the booking?
*You can send your email to TourGether at Email:

Term and Condition:
*50% refund on any cancelation done 7 days before the date of the event.
In case of any weather issue, TourGether will refund 100%.

Great Doll Art work

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Most of time we introduce a technology part of Puppet. This time we introduce a Doll Art creator/  Artist, Marina Bychkova.

Marina Bychkovais a Russian-Canadian figurative artist and a founder of Enchanted Doll™- a luxury toy label of exquisite, porcelain dolls.


More than mere playthings, Enchanted Dolls are elegantly sculpted and articulated works of art. Strikingly nude, engraved or adorned in opulent sculptural costumes of precious metals, gemstones, and rare found objects, each doll intricately conveys an aspect of our humanity. Unique and delicate, their forms evoke a strong emotional response, haunting us with their vulnerability. All at once innocent and sexual, Enchanted Dolls depict highly stylized images of femininity, while at the same time reflecting on life’s playful naiveté.




Picture resource from  Enchanted Doll

‘The Writer’_the oldest example of a computer

機器人(Robot) 3 Comments

Designed in the late 1770s this incredible little robot called simply The Writer, was designed and built by Pierre Jaquet-Droz. He was a Swiss-born watchmaker of the late eighteenth century. He lived in Paris London Geneva, where he designed and built animated dolls, or automata, to help his firm sell watches and mechanical birds.


The Writer has an input device to set tabs that form a programmable memory, 40 cams that represent the read-only programme, and a quill pen for output. Crammed inside is an engineering marvel: 6,000 custom made components work in concert to create a fully self-contained writing machine that some consider to be the oldest example of a computer.

AIREAL delivers expressive tactile sensations in mid air

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AIREAL is a new low cost, highly scalable haptic technology that delivers expressive tactile sensations in mid air. AIREAL enables users to feel virtual objects, experience dynamically varying textures and receive feedback on full body gestures, all without requiring the user to wear a physical device. 

One new technology announced this month by the research wing of the Walt Disney Company allows users to feel textures on a touchscreen, pointing to a future where you will be able to use your phone not only to see and hear, but also to feel.

As well as making screens you can feel, Disney Research is also developing tactile equipment that doesn’t require any actual contact at all — like an Xbox Kinect, but where you feel as though you can touch objects in front of you in thin air. The device is called the “Aireal” and in its developers’ words it provides “interactive tactile experiences in free air.” The Aireal works by blowing small rings of air at a user to simulate touch, movement or collisions with objects.

Extension Link

AIREAL Researcher paper

Fritz: A Robotic Puppet

機器人(Robot), 數位布袋戲(Digital Puppet) 1 Comment

XYZdot created Fritz to provide folks with an inexpensive open platform that can be controlled and programmed via an Arudino microcontroller or indirectly via a PC. Many platforms exist for research purposes but most of them are not accessible, controllable or hackable to the average consumer. Other more commercially available animatronic heads are difficult to modify, customize or change to suit your own needs unless you are a reverse engineering expert. 

Fritz is an animatronic puppet that is controlled by an Arduino microcontroller. Fritz was created to provide an inexpensive introduction into robotics that is both entertaining, creative and educational. With an open source directive, Fritz is accompanied by a PC application to provide you with an easy to use interface in customizing and interacting with the project mechanics.


Fritz comes with an open source desktop application currently written in CSharp for the Windows platform. The application communicates to Fritz over a USB connection to the Arduino board. There are several features that are unique to Fritz not found in other servo control applications: 

Drag and Drop - You can control Fritz using drag and drop interface that represents Fritz.  

Audio and Motion editor - All of this can be done over an audio channel to help synchronize Fritz’s movement to audio tunes, spoken words, etc.  

Text to Speech - The Fritz Controller can add spoken text as the audio background for motion sequences

For kids, Fritz is a great project to start with robotics and animatronics.  And once he is built, they can continue to learn and have fun by customizing him, adding features, making a movie starring Fritz, etc.  Fritz can even be a way to study the psychology of human expression and emotion.

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