2016 Asia Pacific Traditional Arts Festival (2016亞太傳統藝術節)

A lot of puppeteers come to join this event from 5th/Dec~12/Dec in  2016, they share a different opinion with the audience. The topics about “Puppet arts around the world: current development and future trends”, “Employing puppet arts in contemporary world Theatre: a view on creativity and new aesthetics”, “Creativity and Challenge of traditional puppet arts in contemporary theatre”, “Puppet arts in the 21st century: its market, audience and globalization”. This international forum not only from the Asia perspective to talk about the puppet art, but also from western point. Most of participants are the puppeteers and artists who passioned on their projects and care about educated of the next puppet art generation.  It’s a very successful international forum of puppet art culture.

Some Experts of this forum :

Richard Bradshaw:

(The picture by ABC Illawarra)

Richard Bradshaw is a one time Artistic Director of the Marionette Theatre of Australia. He is a particularly talented shadow puppeteer who also writes for puppets.


Bart Roccoberton, Jr

(The picture by the University of Connecticut )

Professor Roccoberton has worked as professional Puppet Artist since 1972; for more than 15 years he has toured popular puppet performances to schools, libraries, colleges, theatres and museums from Washington, DC, to Montreal, both with his own troupe, THE PANDEMONIUM PUPPET COMPANY, and with students from the University of Connecticut and THE INSTITUTE OF PROFESSIONAL PUPPETRY ARTS.

Dadi Pudumjee

(The picture by kahaani festival)

A leading puppeteer inIndia  and he is the founder of The Ishara Puppet Theatre Trust. He is the President of UNIMA and past member of the General Council of the Sangeet Natak Akademi.

Zuzana Vojtíšková

(The picture by sveriges radio)

An editor of professional books on the living legacy of puppetry in Czech.


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