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Unfolding The 8-Bit Era

Unfolding The 8-Bit Era from Disney Research & Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich (ETH) Game Technology Centre (GTC) on Youtube.

ETH Zurich Introduction

The Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich (ETH) Game Technology Center (GTC) provides an umbrella over ETH research, teaching, and outreach in the area of game technology.The ETH GTC connects research groups across ETH that are working on technology relevant and impactful for the game industry.



The Super Mario gaming project made by Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich (ETH) game Technology Center (GTC). The project is known as Unfolding The 8-Bit Era, an appropriate title given that it’s essentially a 360-degree panoramic variant of video game classics like Super Mario Bros. The world’s only cooperative 8-player, 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System capable of continuous, panoramic side-scrolling on that aforementioned 360-degree display, of course.


The Super Mario gaming a classic game. Through new play, to make it more interesting and visual effects. To create immersive, multiplayer, interactive experiences.

Fritz: A Robotic Puppet

XYZdot created Fritz to provide folks with an inexpensive open platform that can be controlled and programmed via an Arudino microcontroller or indirectly via a PC. Many platforms exist for research purposes but most of them are not accessible, controllable or hackable to the average consumer. Other more commercially available animatronic heads are difficult to modify, customize or change to suit your own needs unless you are a reverse engineering expert. 

Fritz is an animatronic puppet that is controlled by an Arduino microcontroller. Fritz was created to provide an inexpensive introduction into robotics that is both entertaining, creative and educational. With an open source directive, Fritz is accompanied by a PC application to provide you with an easy to use interface in customizing and interacting with the project mechanics.


Fritz comes with an open source desktop application currently written in CSharp for the Windows platform. The application communicates to Fritz over a USB connection to the Arduino board. There are several features that are unique to Fritz not found in other servo control applications: 

Drag and Drop – You can control Fritz using drag and drop interface that represents Fritz.  

Audio and Motion editor – All of this can be done over an audio channel to help synchronize Fritz’s movement to audio tunes, spoken words, etc.  

Text to Speech – The Fritz Controller can add spoken text as the audio background for motion sequences

For kids, Fritz is a great project to start with robotics and animatronics.  And once he is built, they can continue to learn and have fun by customizing him, adding features, making a movie starring Fritz, etc.  Fritz can even be a way to study the psychology of human expression and emotion.

Digital Puppetry History

R Andrew Rymill did this slide to review the Digital Puppet history.
R Andrew Rymill live in Kansas, He has a BFA in Theatre Design from the university of Kansas and Masters (MLS)in the Creative Arts from Baker University.

Wave Puppet

Wave Puppet is an art work by Rob Gonsalves, 2005.  It is an open-framed cube containing a flexible sheet suspended horizontally. The sheet hangs from 36 vertical steel rods, evenly spaced in a grid pattern. Each rod is attached to a computer-controlled servo motor through a mechanical linkage. When a motor actuates, the point on the surface of the sheet connected to the rod rises or falls, deforming the sheet. When this motion is coordinated by computer, complex wave patterns are generated, capturing the dynamics of liquid in a purely mechanical form. Additional complexity arises from the inherent imprecision of the motors, at once enhancing the puppet’s similarity to water and calling attention to its simulated nature. A motion detector signals the approach of a viewer, beginning the puppet show.

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Interactive show_Looney Tunes Live – The Experiment

AnimaLive and OddPost Entertainment have teamed up to bring live cartoon entertainment to audiences at three Butlins holiday resorts across the UK with a brand new Looney Tunes live stage show. Mixing live action and animation on stage and screen using a bespoke AnimaLive configuration the show has been entertaining sell-out audiences of all ages at Butlins Minehead, Skegness and Bognor Regis since it debuted in May.

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The puppet player wears a wearable system to control the cartoon role, and set a micro camera to see the audience reaction. The puppet player can give the real time conversation with the audience.  The wearable system include a speaker, real time body motion capture device and so on.The value of this digital performance system provide a user friendly control condition. The puppet player control the puppets by natural human behaviors.

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