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Innovations in Digital Puppetry

This project made by Seth Hunter of MIT Media Lab. He use puppets in the real world to control creative content on the screen. Which is a green -screen glove that places content in 2.5D perspective world, a tracking engine for puppets and action figures, a laptop green screen theatre, and telepresence puppetry platform. They are all grounded here to illustrate the board creative possibilities for creative improvisation, play, and performance with objects supported by emerging technologies. He also try to use Kinect to track the hand based on the skeleton and identify the foreground objects.

Wait  to see his advance digital puppetry works~

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Seth Hunter 

From Muppets to Digital Puppets by motion capture system

The Jim Henson Company has remained an established leader in family entertainment for over 50 years and is recognized worldwide as an innovator in puppetry, animatronics and digital animation.

In 2008 Jim Henson Company has created some of history’s greatest puppets, including Kermit the Frog, but it’s latest character, Sid the Science Kid, is completely digital. SID THE SCIENCE KID is a new animated kids’ show by the Jim Henson Company. Their innovative puppet masters create characters with motion capture suits…

Animation Production Videos: Making of Sid the Science Kid on below:

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The Jim Henson Company

Mottion Analysis Co.

Interactive Puppet Prototype with hacked Kinect

The system is doing skeleton tracking on the arm and determining where the shoulder, elbow, and wrist is, using it to control the movement and posture of the giant funky bird! 

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Design IO

QUMA Motion Capture Puppet


The QUMA (pronounced Cooma), from Japanese company SoftEther, works kind of like those 3D wooden mannequins that artists often pose when sketching the human body. Except that the QUMA connects to your PC over USB, and the majority of the puppets’ joints feature sensors that not only detect when they’ve been moved and adjusted, but also translate those movements to the character in your 3D software.

Japan-based SoftEther has developed a 3D motion-capture figure to create computer graphics and animations in 3D. Known as the QUMA, this human-like doll has a set of joints throughout its body, all of which are equipped with sensors and can be moved freely by the user. The QUMA motion capture puppet is ideal for designers and engineers to create 3D CG animation. Watch the video after the jump.


This is a quick video illustrating how Measurand’s ShapeHand glove device can be used in the Quest3D software.

FiberMotion software (ShapeRecorder) 支援輸出以下格式:

BVH – skeletal data
3D – marker data


MOCAP (realt-time)
MotionBuilder (real-time)
ShapeRecorder (real-time)
3D Studio Max and Character Studio


在人機介面的研究領域之中,基於手勢的人機介面系統 (gesture-based systems) 一直是個重要的課題,在手形的辨識上市面上已有一些產品問世,例如CyberGloveDataGloveShapeHand 等基於手套式感應器的產品,然而此類基於手套式感應器的產品單價都在數萬元之上,且限制使用者必須穿戴特定的手套,對於實際的應用推廣有著相當大的阻力。

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