Interactive show_Looney Tunes Live – The Experiment

AnimaLive and OddPost Entertainment have teamed up to bring live cartoon entertainment to audiences at three Butlins holiday resorts across the UK with a brand new Looney Tunes live stage show. Mixing live action and animation on stage and screen using a bespoke AnimaLive configuration the show has been entertaining sell-out audiences of all ages at Butlins Minehead, Skegness and Bognor Regis since it debuted in May.

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The puppet player wears a wearable system to control the cartoon role, and set a micro camera to see the audience reaction. The puppet player can give the real time conversation with the audience.  The wearable system include a speaker, real time body motion capture device and so on.The value of this digital performance system provide a user friendly control condition. The puppet player control the puppets by natural human behaviors.

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