The Mechanical Aurora Polar Bear


Greenpeace have enlisted one of the icy continent’s most powerful creatures to take their campaign even further. This is one big bear – as large as a double decker bus and steered by a genuine ship’s wheel, her white coat is made from recycled white objects and fabrics.

The bear was designed by Christopher Kelly in collaboration with props designer Simon Costin. It needs 15 puppeteers to operate and will be followed by thousands of people on foot and bike. The memory of the magnificent mechanical Sultan’s Elephant which visited London from Nantes in 2006 will be enough to get anyone excited about the capital’s new visitor on a mission.

The giant polar bear will set off from Victoria Tower Gardens (next to the Southern end of the Houses of Parliament) at 12pm on Sunday September 15. The parade will walk over Westminster Bridge and left towards Jubilee Garden, reaching Shell’s HQ at 3.30pm at the latest. Find more information, see

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